Selling for the First Time

Like any home transaction, selling a property is often as important a financial transaction as any other in the life of a property owner. Whether you are a property owner looking to sell to help you take the next step into your next dream home or selling to finance a retirement lifestyle, Yellowtail Residential can help you put together the right transactions to achieve your dreams. Your home is an influential part of your life emotionally, financially, and more. We know that, we treat your home like ours. Making the decision to sell your house is difficult, challenging, and not one to be taken insignificantly. Just as important as the decision to pursue a sale itself is the decision of who will handle the sale transaction. A marketing strategy is key to achieving your goals in terms of timing, pricing, and the “right transaction”. Yellowtail’s residential team is the best in the business and the right choice to reach your goals. Your goals are our goals. Your dreams are our dreams.

Sellers Agent Process

Our team has successfully executed hundreds of transactions and we know how to navigate the ever changing waters of the real estate market. The housing market is always changing and with that you see valuations naturally fluctuating based on a variety of outside factors. The right sales process requires the right a team of professionals who are constantly tracking market trends on a macro and micro level. Our network among the Tampa region is immense, allowing us to stay on top of the everyday developments of the local industry.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

We start each of our marketing processes with a preparation phase. Our team will come in with our cleaning crew, sweep the property top to bottom, leave the property spotless. After this, our designers and marketing professionals will analyze the property across the board, establishing strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Weaknesses will be avoided in marketing photos and tours while areas of strength will be highlighted. Areas of improvement will be noted and we will make recommendations to the owner for what they can do as well as how to do it. If needed we will provide direction to design professionals, contractors, and other third party resources. Improvement suggestions will range from painting certain areas, to removing specific items, and making small improvements such as decorations, lighting, and even scent items to make a buyer feel at home. The following improvements have been shown the be the most difference in home marketing efforts: indoor improvements including painting, decorating (or re-decorating), decluttering, and brightening (to allow in natural light and visibility). Outdoor improvements shown to make the most difference include landscaping (oftentimes simply trimming back or removing landscaping), weeding, painting, garage cleanup, and highlighting of outdoor leisure areas such as decks, fire pits, or patios. The home will not be marketed until our clients are on the same page with our agents as to the marketing appearance of the property.

Prepare Your Home For Professional Listing Photography

Our photo editing resources will spruce up photos of the building, digitally removing small negative details. In other instances, we will use virtual staging to show prospects how they can lay out in their new home. Whether putting together staging digitally or in person, we will use on trend looks, materials, decorations, and future to appeal to a mass audience.

Images of your home Other marketing efforts tied into our process include changing the time of day in photos, removal of unattractive items, and 360 degree virtual tours. With people more and more reliant on digital components of a search, virtual tours are becoming increasingly emphasized. People are busy and do not want to interrupt their lives with an overly time consuming property search. Showcasing your property through virtual touring will sell them on investing the time to tour your property. Digitally we can showcase your property from every single angle, exterior interior, dining room to small closet space. In addition, we will incorporate our item placement and virtual upgrades to showcase the best of the existing conditions and the best of the vision.

Additional marketing elements we will focus on will include floor plans. Too often prospects have an inability to not only visualize the look of a space, but also the physical layout. We will give them all the tools to do so. By providing dimensional, clean, and attractive floor plans, a prospect can not only visualize the look of a space, but actually work on their own layouts within a space.

In order to further a prospect’s view of the subject site, we will incorporate the use of project renderings displaying the as-completed home as well as design inspiration showing photos of completed comparable rooms or homes, if appropriate.

Check out this guide on how to prepare your home for listing photographs >


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