Landlord Representation

Landlord and Tenants making deals happenOur Landlord representation team is second to none. We have an established business segment dedicated solely to commercial landlord advisory services. Our services are catered to overall site advisory as well as leasing and marketing from an ownership perspective. This business line is supported by a team of experienced commercial real estate experts. Many of our experts have worked directly for institutional and private ownership groups in the past or even own properties themselves. We expect our advisory team to provide top of the market services on all aspects of ownership, including property management, asset management, and the individual service components of all Landlord property responsibilities. We strive to be the best in class in our industry in all aspects.

Proven Track Record of Landlord Representation

Our team’s long proven track record caters to the needs of owners, investors and landlords for vacant properties, occupied properties, and future / in progress development projects. Our specialists have a depth of representation background. All of our agents have negotiated, overseen, and in some cases even signed occupancy agreements on behalf of landlords for both new leases, renewals, consolidations, and expansions. Our background of experience allows us to understand the motivations behind our client’s decisions to permit an educated conversation to occur on both sides during our client discussions. In addition, we leverage our in house resources to permit educated decisions across the board. Our capital markets team will assist us with comparable property data to determine future property valuations at stabilization as well as data on competing properties. The modern marketplace is competitive and driven by analytical data decisions. To keep up with the competitive marketplace, clients must be kept up to date on local and national trends. Pairing this with relevant data to the project and prospective leases will provide for a competitive advantage for our clients.

Additional services to protect buyers

With each lease our client signs, they will know exactly what the effect will be on future valuations, refinancing, and whether or not the lease is above or below market relative to competing properties. Few brokerage firms offer this depth and width of expertise.

Each of our Landlord Representation clients are treated independently and differently to the benefit of the client. All receive a focus on the particular avenues necessary to meet each goal. Our process begins with an in depth review of our client’s goals paired with a review of the status of each project, property leasing, and current or projected financing. Each property will be analyzed independently to establish what we see as strength and weaknesses. Ownership will be made aware of where the property is performing and where the property is underperforming. More often than not we point out weaknesses owners did not even know they or their asset even had. Through identifying these weak points, we hope to turn these into strengths through our customized set of measures designed to focus on a successful upward trajectory for the property. Our measures will aim to promote successful leasing during our time as retained representatives as well as in the future as ownership aims to exit the property or refinance the asset.

Our Strategic Plan

We put together a business plan for each property as well as marketing and leasing plans, setting the expectation for our client for all items ranging from activity goals to leasing timelines and reporting expectations. Our clients walk into each and every project eyes wide open as to our capabilities and when they should expect certain leasing milestones to be reached.

Understanding the needs of the landlord

Our marketing process includes creative and innovative ideas that will considerably enhance a property’s ability to succeed in a competitive market in a cost effective manner. Our ideas include unique marketing materials, signage, branding, use of third party resources, and a considerable consideration as to any and all tenancy options in the market.

Most importantly, our marketing efforts will revolve around telling the story of each property. Simply opening a door and saying “look at the space” is far from enough to sell a property and allow the prospect to understand why this particular location is their best option. Each property has a story and a soul rooted in both history and property strengths. If highlighted, any landlord can benefit strongly from leveraging their story. Our efforts will allow each owner to unlock the greatest potential of their property through a unique highlighting and understanding of what make’s your site unique to the market. The property will be marketed in a way that a customer will not be able to ignore the differentiators of our site.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities are far and wide. We can handle leasing of one suite to handling a full repositioning and releasing of an entire property. Oftentimes a property involves multiple asset types. Sometimes it may be a small amount of office space amongst a shopping center. Other times there are full buildings of different uses among a property: office and flex sites, retail and multi-family sites, etc. In the event a property has multiple uses among a number of asset types – that is not a problem. Our wide ranging team of representatives can lease and, if necessary, sell each asset type. We will provide options, for lease, for sale, it does not matter, we can bring you options.

Understanding Price Strategy

Each moving part in a landlord ownership scenario has a domino effect positively or negatively on the rest of the property. For example a tenant signed to a lease at a below market rate may positively effect the traffic to a certain property (such as retail) but negatively effect the projected net revenue for a property, requiring leasing agents to obtain higher rental rates on other spaces or risk a lower property value at stabilization, leading to a lower cash out on a refinance. This thinking goes for a variety of items around a property. We know this and understand this, which is why a wholelistic understanding of each client goals is key. Bringing in prospective tenants is of prominent importance, but watching the back of our clients is equally as valuable so they may avoid the pitfalls of the leasing process.

Landlord Representation for commercial propertiesPrior to promoting or advocating for any particular transaction, we take the time to carefully understand any proposed tenancy. Tenant interviews are held to understand their experience, plans for the location, management team, and financial status. The tenant could be a long-established publicly traded entity or a new start up, both can be successful and both can fail. Either way we will analyze them and provide facts paired with a recommendation to our clients. Moving tenants into spaces is expensive and moving them out is even more so. Knowing this, we do not take our recommendations lightly. You will often see our team make strong recommendations to move forward with a transaction but just as often make a recommendation not to. Our actions demonstrate our commitment to our ownership. We will analyze any transaction as if we own the property, and our clients will be the beneficiary of this thinking.

In addition, we take a hands on proactive approach to often overlooked aspects of a deal ranging from tenant improvements to the actual lease documents. We add additional value to our projects by understanding the market for these nuanced items as well as value-engineering each item if necessary. If a transaction is even remotely possible, we will take the time to make sure it has the ability to succeed and move forward. At the end of the day, what really counts for us is achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

Commercial Properties We Represent

Our team has extensive experience in a variety of landlord representation assignments, including the following asset types:

  • Office
  • Flex / Industrial
  • Retail
  • Mixed Use
  • Storage Sites
  • New Construction
  • Second Generation Space