Buyer Representation

Office Building for sale or leaseAt Yellowtail Commercial, we know selecting a location for your business is an intimidating and challenging process. Today’s commercial real estate world has continued to create a variety of challenges for the modern property buyer. No longer are property transactions as simple as paying for a building and opening a business. Modern business and political processes have become more and more stringent as the red tape has increased. With so many factors to consider, buyer’s oftentimes do not know where to start. A buyer must be able to successfully navigate competitive bidding processes to be selected as a buyer for a property, obtaining a loan, permits, contractor selection etc – and that is for a simple transaction. More complicated transactions involved deeply involved construction elements, re-zoning, environmental issues, neighboring property issues, encumbrance issues (such as problem easements), and countless other items.   The local real estate market is one that requires creativity and a diligent persistent process to make deals happen. We are here to help professionally navigate these items in an effective, timely manner using our unique skill sets unmatched in the local market.

Real Estate Done Right

Mixed Use PropertyReal estate is now a complicated business, but it does not have to be. At Yellowtail, we pride ourselves in being able to articulate the process to our clients in a simple and effective manner, so a complicated process becomes easy and digestible to all parties involved. We understand almost all of our clients have other items to worry about – this one transaction is not their one and only commitment in life. Whether it is an entirely different core business or other real estate transactions you are working on, we know you are busy. We don’t mind working hard and in doing so we will take small time consuming tasks of our client’s plates while more importantly putting time back in the lives of our clients, allowing them to experience a streamlined and easy property search and acquisition process so they can rest easy knowing their transaction is in the right hands with Yellowtail.

Yellowtail Agents

When you hire an agent at Yellowtail, you don’t just hire the agent – you hire our entire team and our collective rolodex of helpful contacts. We pride ourselves in keeping our toolbox full. Some clients have their own contacts while others do not – either way we will assist you by working with all outside parties to be sure a transactional process is as seamless as possible

Our start to finish process is unique to the market and allows for a depth of understanding and relationship building with each of our clients. We begin any search by understanding a client’s requirements on paper but also the soul of the requirement – “the why” – which makes each project for us unique and different from any other. Understanding “the why” is the differentiator that separates us from our competitors. To understand “the why”, we ask our clients to spend a few minutes with us diving into the statistical details of each requirement. For example, if we are searching for an industrial building we like to understand the workflow within the warehouse, how many loading docks are required, etc. In addition, we like to understand the specific reasons for each statistical requirement so we know whether we can create an effective unique solution for a particular property that may not present itself on the surface. Another example is office product. Two businesses may occupy identical spaces next to each other but operate very differently. An attorney’s office will operate very different from a call center. We know that and what comes with these differentiators. In this instance a call center will more than likely require a higher parking requirement, and we will be prepared to provide our clients only with the properties that fit their needs.

What We Do

Once we understand the drivers to each client requirement, we then survey the market and provide a custom detailed information packet to each client. Gone are the computer-generated meaningless printouts full of time-wasting data. Our presented documents are professional, simple, and easy to read. We only focus on the relevant important items to each business and property search. We will provide you with specific custom advice and recommendations to suit your needs and point you in the right direction while saving you time.

We use advanced location analytics, metrics, and data to support the decision-making process as you seek to maximize the benefits of the significant cash and liquidity investments committed to any new location or existing facilities. Data is no longer a luxury; it is a requirement. We continually invest in maintaining and building internal and external data resources that can compete with any back of house services in the country. Our sophisticated and proprietary systems pair with our market intelligence to deliver an integrated strategy for your property selection. We back these processes with an objective and subjective process to support your decision making.

Finding the Right Building

Representing Buyers in finding the right building to suit their needsFinding the right building is a process in itself, but just because you found the right building does not mean you closed the deal. At Yellowtail, our negotiators are pros. We walk into each and every negotiation knowing the pros to our purchaser and the cons to the property, putting our purchaser in the best negotiating position to acquire the property. We place an emphasis on the details. We understand items such as working capital may dictate your ability to put down a deposit and your specific purchasing requirements may dictate timelines and contingencies for each transaction. Too often we see industry professionals stick to the same sets of guidelines for each and every prospect while forgetting that each business and decision maker is different with separate drivers and requirements. We will help with all of these items and stay involved throughout the process, even after settlement, to ensure our clients are on the easier path to success.

Every Aspect of the Buying Process is Covered

With any transaction there are moving parts and you need the right team on your side to walk you through the process. We provide each of our client’s access to a depth of knowledge and contact base where needed. Need a contractor? No problem, we have plenty of general contractors, specialty subcontractors, and project managers within reach and ready to service your needs. If you are asking yourself how to navigate a 30-page contract that has been presented to you, do not worry, our attorney contacts are ready to help. Need a loan? What kind? We have lenders ready to finance a variety of loans ranging from owner occupied loans, to construction projects, to small renovation loans. This level of reach is consistent throughout all items commercial real estate including design professionals, environmental consultants, material servicers, etc. In addition. we won’t just send you a name and leave it there, we will help facilitate all discussions, so you truly understand what you are buying and why. We have a variety of contacts throughout each discipline. For example, we have attorney contacts who specialize in contract negotiation while others focus on land use and zoning. Let us know what you need, and we will get it for you.

Ensuring You are Informed

Keeping our Buyers in the loopAs you go through the process, expect a helping hand along the way. Property due diligence efforts are difficult to understand, deal with and coordinate. These efforts involve not only building inspections but also niche items such as title report review, insurance items, flood plain review, wetlands understanding, title search, contractor discussions etc. With each transaction being different, so will each facet. Some will be a walk in the park and others will be challenging. We have dealt with every issue you can imagine. We know how to collect the right resources to quantify the time and effort needed to get you over the finish line. Our goal is to allow our clients to make informed decisions on a macro and micro level. If we encounter a challenge, we will take it head on with our clients at our side, not leave it for others to address.

Beyond the Price

People forget price is oftentimes only a starting point. Two neighboring properties may be the same price and size, but that does not mean they have the same utilities in place, the same taxes, etc. Our clients will have a transparent view of every nickel and dime that will or could potentially go into any project. Each prospect will enter a deal eyes wide open, there will be no surprises. Our back of house support team can assist in providing extensive financial and comparative analyses on any past, present, and future transactions.

We get things done quickly. By having a variety of resources and agents at our disposal, we are ready to jump on any loose ball. Although we are a boutique firm nimble enough to react quickly to our client requirements, we have a large enough support staff to support are reactive efforts. We have all the tools of any national brokerage without the red tape.

Additional Buyer Representation Services

Additional services to protect buyersAs a boutique firm, we offer clients the flexibility to choose the amount of support and time commitment they would like to see from us. Pre settlement and post settlement, we provide a variety of services which go beyond typical brokerage. In the event your internal investors need detailed expertise, walk through, and / or material preparation for items such as an internal capital raise, pursuit of a zoning change, design review, etc – we offer additional services to assist in these items. Once we walk from the settlement table, it is the client’s choice if we remain involved or not. If so, we have a variety of services available to make their life easy. People and companies easily forget how difficult and time consuming a move takes. We can assist in relocation and consulting services throughout the continuation of any occupancy period. Do not forget times change as well. In the future if you sell your business, change in occupancy size, or otherwise simply need to sell or lease your property, we are resource to assist you in understanding what a marketing process may yield for you as actually marketing the site for you.

Buyers Representation for All Types of Commercial Property

Yellowtail has experience representing acquiring parties in a variety of real estate types and transactions: